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What we did

Customer's demand?

Railway gate system
No reversing space
High opening/closing speed
Connection of control with on-site axle counter system
Safe-holding of gate leaves in open position
High quality



  • Constructive and electrical integration of additional interlocking.
  • Connection of the axle-counter system with our control unit
  • Coordination/Communication between End customer, manufacturer of the axle-counter and our partner

Solution/products delivered

  • EntraQuick® 5×2.5 m
  • Two additional locking devices for opened gate leaves
  • Control extension/connection with axle-counterq

Why could we win the game

  • Extensive on-site consultation
  • Visit to a similiar (installed) solution in the near of the end customer
  • Good implementation of project
  • High quality requirements of the end customer were met – four more gates are already requested

Customer´s comment

Norbert Moos, responsible project manager at ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein, adds: “The agreements with the suppliers were consuming in fact but in the end the objectives could be achieved and we are confidently looking forward, enjoying the long-term functionality of this solid and durable gate!”

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