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What we did

Customer's demand?

Security concept consisting of fence, gate and alarm

Due to burglary they wanted to get an alarm as soon as someone entered their premises.

Sügro A/S


  • Installation was perfect
  • Afterwards they had some problems with loose posts, which led to error alarms. However, this problem was solved.

Solution/products delivered

  • 513 m Bastifor
  • One gate type FT-H Plus
  • One EntraLight Sliding gate
  • 513 m PowerSec
  • GSM Esim

Why could we win the game

  • Due to a very competent and efficient sales counsellor
  • The price was ok in comparison with that of competitors

Customer´s comment

Jan Nielsen, Terminal Manager at Sügro says: ”we are really satisfied today. GPP has been a good and serious partner during the whole process. The fence and gate work perfectly.”