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What we did

Customer's demand?

An attack in March 2012 in Düren resulted in the requirement of a hedging concept for the company’s 29 subsidiaries according to the strict requirements of the customer.



Individual adaption of the whole comprehensive concept to each site due to different environmental situations

Solution/products delivered

  • Fence
  • Several sliding gates
  • Several EntraQuick® I quick folding gates
  • Outdoor monitoring and fence detection including MicSec micorphone cable system, grounddetection with GroundSec and LaserSec for roof surveillance

Why could we win the game

  • Extensive, long-term experience within such large projects.
  • Certified product range


“It was certainly a challenge to adapt the concept to all 29 branches and to respond individually to all different local conditions,” says Helmut Napp, PPG sales representative. “However, this has already been achieved for each project, thanks to local investigation of the respective projects, an exact project planning and the use of different combinations of perimeter protection products and outdoor monitoring systems.”