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What we did

Customer's demand?

Urban security – Rostock relies on security bollards with flat foundations to protect the inner-city area and particularly the area around the local Christmas market.

City of Rostock


  • None

Solution/products delivered

  •  Mix of fixed and removable crash bollards  “Truckstopper”

Why could we win the game

  • Professional advice in advance
  • Attraktive cost
  • Low foundation depth
  • Modern finish made of stainless steel
  • Space-saving design that enables smooth deflation


Michael Dahinten, PPG Sales Manager explains: “Available as active or passive systems, bollards offer a high degree of flexibility. Fixed or passive systems are suitable wherever areas should be permanently blocked for vehicle traffic. Removable bollards with detachable locking parts can be mounted at increased terror threat or public events and be dismantled and stored in everyday use with normal flow of people. Movable or active bollards are not present in the lowered state and can be easily driven over, without hindering traffic. This also offers emergency services a smooth access. In case of emergency, the bollards rise from the ground within seconds, blocking areas quickly, effectively and reliably.”