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Secure, but humane prison protection

A good prison protection is secure, but humane. We have the products and solutions for effective external protection of prisons, psychiatrists, forensics or buildings for enforcement. The primary reasons for prison security is to prevent the inmates from escaping and to protect the public.

Special expanded metal fence for prison protection

Conventional mechanical perimeter systems, such as simple fence or walls can be overcome by means of tools and sufficient time. Therefore, our portfolio includes solutions like special expanded metal fence, ideally suited for areas with high security requirements, like prisons. The metal fence is best installed as double fence line to increase the solutions’ resistance time. Particularly solid and with its imposing height up to five meters, it ensures reliable protection against cutting and climbing over. By integrating into the subsoil crawling under is also prevented. Ideal for an upgrade of existing fences are barbed wire or the razor-like S-wire. Solutions against climbing over wall copings combined with extensive experience from prisons all around the world complete our offer.

Safe but humane penal system

Compact building structure, small path lengths and the shortest possible external security line to significantly reduce response time are decisive planning parameters. At the same time, conditions for a safe, but humane penal system should be created. In addition, a strict separation of employees, suppliers and visitors is necessary. This can be realised, i.e. with quick folding gates such as EntraQuick® or the EntraQuick® PU30 with impact load. In combination with wedge barriers it’s possible to realise a sluice arrangement forming an efficient vehicle check point.

References prisons

Project 111, United Kingdom
Prison, Denmark

Korra Prison, Egypt

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Crash test

This is the Wedge II that comes with and without safety skirt. It features the lowest foundation thicknesses in the world. Furthermore, it very effectively blocks the road.