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Perimeter security for inner city protection

The security sector and especially the municipalities or safety authorities are under strong pressure. The demands are constantly growing for dangers like the instrumentalisation of vehicles for attacks to public places. Public security is not just challenging but necessary.

Security for inner city protection

It’s necessary to regulate and secure the access to public institutions, like market places, schools, stadiums, railway stations, libraries, etc. We have a certified product portfolio and many years of experience from successful municipal projects. Therefore, we can advise cities and municipalities competently in the optimisation of their security concepts. Hydraulic or fixed bollards with impact load are the ideal choice. These products ensure that an unauthorised vehicle does not even reach such an area but is effectively stopped before!

Products for citizen-friendly infrastructures

Securing of inner-city areas is challenging because of their partial proximity to buildings or fundamental restrictions for underground pipes/pipelines. There is also often heavy traffic from vehicles or persons. Our products and solutions support municipalities, city planners, architects, construction departments and construction companies in the development of citizen-friendly infrastructures.

Success stories

Our customers’ satisfaction is the key to our success as a security partner – and we know that! Read more about exciting projects that we have successfully implemented.

References communities and public places

EDF Energy, Kings Yard, Olympic Park, United Kingdom
Energy Centre Language Plymouth, United Kingdom
National Grid, United Kingdom
NG St. Fergus, United Kingdom
Magnox Oldbury, United Kingdom
Rooscote Power Station, United Kingdom
Nuclear Reprocessing, United Kingdom
EDF Energy, United Kingdom

Power Plant, China

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Crash test

This is a fixed crash test of the PPG bollard M50 fixed (355mm-11000mm). It has been crash tested and certified according to ASTM F 2656-07 P1.