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Security for governmental buildings – necessary to prevent attacks

Governmental buildings and especially embassies form attractive targets for attacks, which can massively harm a country without having to travel into the respective territories.

Embassy security with aesthetic design

It is necessary to protect the sites and of course the parliamentarians from threats by activists, political protesters or terrorists. Therefore, comprehensive hedging to ensure political peace is essential. Often, outdoor space is rather limited, which is why the perimeter security solution is often located very close to the building. These, in turn, are often found in environments highly frequented by pedestrians or traffic. That’s why our crash-tested and internationally certified crash-bollards or gates are the ideal choice when securing governmental environments. All our reliable High Security products are made in Germany under our own quality control.

Long-term expertise and experience

Our High Security product range features the lowest foundation thickness in the world. It reduces installation costs significantly and allows installation in areas where foundation depths are limited due to underground utilities. Furthermore, decorative gates or railings offer both aesthetic design and security. We acknowledge the increased need for perimeter protection around government buildings. Therefore, we can offer great expertise. And long-term experience with securing embassies, city halls and many other governmental sites all around the globe.

References embassies

US Embassy, Latvia
Russian Embassy, Austria
US Embassy, Sweden
US Embassy, Norway
Saudi Arabian Embassy, Poland

British Embassy West Bay Doha, Qatar
Australian Embassy, Indonesia
Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Oman

Saudi Arabian Embassy, Niger
Saudi Arabian Embassy, Comoros
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Kenya

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Crash test

This is a fixed crash test of the PPG bollard M50 fixed (355mm-11000mm). It has been crash tested and certified according to ASTM F 2656-07 P1.