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Type-testing per DIN EN 13241-1

Our products are made in Germany under strict quality control and they meet the highest quality standards.
These standards are necessary to ensure mandatory security – this is our promise to our customers!

We prove the continuous quality and especially the mandatory safety of our products with type-testing. Our customers can trust in us always having the appropriate certifications to ensure reliable security. Therefore, all electrically operated gates meet the latest European safety standards and are type tested by German TUV per DIN EN 13241-1. This European standard specifies and ensures the safety and performance requirements for industrial and commercial garage doors or gates. It concerns products without fire resistance or smoke control characteristics. The doors/gates are intended to be installed in access areas of persons whose main purpose is to ensure safe access for goods and services vehicles.

They should be accompanied or managed (controlled) by persons in industrial, commercial or residential areas. In the past, serious accidents with automatic sliding gates, which have not been certified per the standard, have repeatedly occurred. Type-testing is a voluntary certification, but is essential for security reasons! Furthermore, PPG is one of the few manufacturers who can guarantee a safe opening/closing of exterior gates on slope (tracked or cantilevered sliding gates). This is due to compliance with all safety-related requirements as well as use of a safety gear. We also conduct construction analyses based on advanced computer simulations of realistic extreme loads to optimise cost and reliability of all components.