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PPG official quality recognition

We think of certifications as a sign of highest quality standards!

Therefore, we choose to undergo both internal audits and external inspections carried out by multiple independent experts. We can prove the constant quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes. Our company is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified to ensure constant quality control and other services through a modern quality management system.

Furthermore, we prove the continuous quality and especially the mandatory safety of our products with appropriate certifications. We ensure reliable security for our customers. All electrically operated gates meet the latest European safety standards including DIN EN 13241-1. They are also type-tested by German TUV.

We conduct construction analyses based on advanced computer simulations. The simulations are of realistic extreme loads to optimise manufacturing tolerances, cost and reliability of all components. Afterwards our products undergo real long-term stress tests e.g. on our in-house testing field. Before leaving our factory all our products are subjected to substantial operational inspection such as a force measurement for gates!

Our state-of-art High Security products are crash-tested and certified per >American Standard ASTM F2656/DOS, British Standard PAS 68, and/or International Standard IWA 14-1!

ISO 9001 Quality management

To ensure constant quality, our company is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9000 certification provides guidance and tools for companies who want to ensure that they consistently meet customers’ requirements. It also helps with constant improvement of quality of processes. Furthermore, it ensures that customers get high quality products and services featuring quality standards they can rely on. The certification also guarantees constant quality improvement of products, processes and service.

Benefits are an increase of local and international market competitiveness, improvement of performance and reduction of management costs. It strengthens and improves internal communication by an increase of involvement and focus on human resources. An ISO 9001 quality management system is necessary to differentiate between qualified and unqualified competitors. As well for increase market visibility and competitiveness.

CE marking

The CE marking proves that products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) meet high safety, health and environmental protection requirements. CE marking also supports fair competition as all companies account to the same rules.

By using the marking, manufacturers declare that their product meets all legal requirements for CE marking. Thus, can be sold throughout the EEA. This also applies to products made in other countries that are sold in the EEA. Consumers can be sure that they can enjoy a similar level of safety, health and environmental protection in all EEA.

TRI-PROTECT® corrosion protection

At our production site in Germany we produce high quality products ‘Made in Germany’, which are used worldwide. We apply a special coating process that makes our products virtually resistant to external influences. This is to ensure that our products are highly weather resistant and durable in different climate zones. Among others we provide the TRI-PROTECT® process. An additional quality feature of our products – of course per the applicable DIN standards.

TRI-PROTECT® ensures long term corrosion protection coating per DIN 55633 corrosion protection C5, high durability (>15 years) and C5-industrial and marine atmosphere, medium durability (5-15 years). The coating system was salt spray tested for approx. 2000h without loss of surface protection per DIN 50021 and blasted per DIN 12944-4 in class SA 2.5. Also in terms of environmental compatibility our solvent-free applications achieve plus points!

Type-testing per Din EN 13241-1

This European standard specifies and ensures the safety and performance requirements for industrial and commercial garage doors or gates. It concerns products without fire resistance or smoke control characteristics. The doors/gates are intended to be installed in access areas of persons whose main purpose is to ensure safe access for goods and services vehicles. They should be accompanied or managed (controlled) by persons in industrial, commercial or residential areas.

In the past, serious accidents with automatic sliding gates, which have not been certified per the standard, have repeatedly occurred. Type-testing is a voluntary certification, but is essential for security reasons!


Real crash tests for real security

Today the High Security market is facing increasing competition from manufacturers of non-crash tested products. Evidence of compliance with required crash rating is often given by presenting a self-certification based on static calculations instead of a valid crash test certification. Only a real crash test can ultimately prove the resistance to the applied impact load. And thus, ensure compliance as per the required level of security!