CleanSafe Poller

Fotomontage CleanSafe Poller – Innovation zum Schutz der Öffentlichkeit Der starre CleanSafe Poller ist eine optimale Ergänzung zu unseren Hochsicherheitspoller. Er ist die ideale Lösung um Zufahrtsbereiche, wie Fußgängerzonen, zu schützen und Desinfektionsmittel für alle Passanten zugänglich zu positionieren. Aktuell steht ein Großteil der Welt vor der Herausforderung, sich nicht nur gegen Terroranschläge mit Fahrzeugen, […]

Road Blocker DSP K12

Road Blocker DSP K12 clearly-visible-due-to-the-flashing-lights-and-optional-warning-stripes-thus-ensuring-the-immediate-stopping-of-approaching-vehicles

Road Blocker DSP® K12 – massive blocking effect The Road Blocker DSP® K12 is one of the few road blockers in the market which is useable after impact and has a fully closed design. Road Blocker DSP® K12 is designed to guarantee the full level of security. A successful crash test per DOS SD-STD-02.01 Rev. […]

StrongArm Crash Barrier

StrongArm Crash Barrier – ultimate hardened security Perimeter Protection Group is an authorised global distributor of HySecurity’s cutting edge StrongArm Crash Barriers. Barriers M30 & M50 take barrier arms to the extreme. Nearly all crash barrier accidents happen to authorised gate users, posing significant user peril and owner liability exposure. StrongArm M30 or M50 mitigate […]

Tracked Gate M50

Tracked gate M50 -design-with-unrivalled-reliability-and-high-speed-opening-and-closing-times-that-are-impossible-to-achieve-with-other-drive-principles

Tracked Gate M50 – Designed to stop all threats Tracked Gate M50 is a sliding gate designed to stop all threats. Despite its massive construction, it also features an extremely flat foundation. It can be adapted in height and fitted with anti-climbing devices to comply with site-specific requirements. The Tracked Gate M50 has advanced technology […]

Tyre Killers

Tyre killers visually-strong-deterrent-thanks-to-solid-sharp-spikes-and-garish-warning-colours-1136x600

Tyre Killers – solid spikes with guaranteed stopping effect PPG Tyre Killers are designed to destroy vehicles trying to forcibly enter any secured area.If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tyres and axles will be destroyed. The Tyre Killer and the modular Tyre Killer SHARK offer a high degree of protection against unauthorised entry […]

Wedge barriers

Wedge barriers – security for highly sensitive entry points PPG wedge barriers offer maximum security against unauthorised wheeled vehicles of all sizes and weights. They are crash-tested to internationally accepted standards and feature the lowest foundation-thicknesses in the world. Perimeter Protection Groups’ wedge barriers present maximum security against unauthorised vehicles of all sizes and weights […]

EntraQuick PU30

EntraQuick PU30 hero image

EntraQuick® PU30 – ultimate security for vehicle access points The innovative EntraQuick® PU30 is a single leaf bi-folding gate. It offers ultimate security for vehicle access points due to its ability to provide full height perimeter protection in closed position paired with very short operating times, as well as impact resistance through its unique self-locking […]

Crash Bollards as street furniture

Street furniture Truckstopper new

Crash bollards as street furniture Cost-effective shallow mount fixed or removable bollards as street furniture, which are ideally suited for inner city surroundings PPG have completed its product portfolio with the revolutionary vehicle impact tested Safetyflex spring steel bollard systems Carstopper 30, Truckstopper 6-30 and Truckstopper 7-40 which can be used as modern street furniture. […]

Crash Bollards

CleanSafe Bollard

Bollards – High Security with blocking effect Depending on the security requirements, PPG offers different movable or fixed bollards for sites. Pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is stopped.Depending on the security requirements, Perimeter Protection Group has different movable or fixed crash bollards for sites. Pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to […]

Barrier Lift System

BLS hero image

Barrier Lift System – reliable break-through prevention The Barrier Lift System (BLS) provides reliable high-security against unauthorised vehicle access. It is vehicle crash-tested to internationally accepted standards. Its reliable and short operation offers an immediate protection against vehicles attempting to break-through. The BLS is available in K4 and K12 crash tested design for large clear […]