The story of Perimeter Protection Group

At Perimeter Protection Group, we are working together closely and transparently to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We know, our customers come first. We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for perimeter security and access control of vehicles and pedestrians. We offer our customers solutions for a variety of areas.

Internationally certified High Security products
Our portfolio includes internationally crash rated High Security products. We have crash gates, wedge barriers, bollards, road blockers, outdoor monitoring, boom barriers, turnstiles and type-tested quick folding gates, sliding gates and swing gates. With extensive experience since 1951, companies in five countries and worldwide distributors we offer everything from one source. From individual products to complete security concepts and project handling.

The highest quality standards
Our products are made in Germany under own quality control and meet the highest quality standards. It’s necessary to ensure mandatory security – this is our promise to our customers!

Expertise, flexibility and professionalism
Our global operating partner-network ensures that we can meet our customers’ needs with expertise, flexibility and professionalism. In this way, we achieve customer proximity and short response times to deliver specified quality. Additionally, this cultivates our relationship to distributors, contractors, planners and architects and end customers who require High Security protection.

An increased need for perimeter protection
Acknowledging the need for perimeter protection around sensitive buildings we can offer international key account management to identify site-specific customer needs. We can also then work out how to best meet all customer requirements. PPG is the only company in the world with the ability to advise, develop, produce, deliver, install and maintain the full range of certified products and solutions for perimeter protection. Especially for High Security sites all over the world!

Our vision

The most innovative and successful perimeter protection company.


Customer first

  • Deliver on time in full
  • Deliver specified quality
  • Reduce service response times
  • Improve transparency
  • Listen to the customers articulated and unspoken needs
  • Co-create new concepts


Working together

  • Increase information transparency
  • Increase openness between individuals and levels
  • Ensure integrity and respect on all occasions
  • Help each other to achieve objectives
  • Treat TPPG as the prime focus, not regions, companies, etc
  • Share the same attitudes
  • Improve frequency and quality of internal communication
  • Take individual responsibility
  • Share and adopt best practices


Meet & exceed expectations

  • Increase empowerment from senior management
  • Deliver on promises
  • Set realistic but stretched goals
  • Propose and use new solutions to problems & opportunities
  • Make faster and better quality decisions
  • Be willing to take calculated risks to go beyond being best in class
  • Innovate in all areas, not just in technology
  • Initiate and operate partnerships
  • Constantly re-examine all processes to increase effectiveness
  • Continually seek efficiency improvements


We think of certifications as a sign of highest quality standards!
Therefore, we choose to undergo both internal audits and external inspections carried out by multiple independent experts. We can prove the constant quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes.

Our state-of-art High Security products are crash-tested and certified per American Standard ASTM F2656/DOS, British Standard PAS 68, and/or International Standard IWA 14-1!


elkosta founded in Salzgitter
Wego founded in Salzkotten
Werra founded in Witzenhausen
First crash tests for High Security products
Acquisition by Gunnebo
Acquisition of elkosta
Acquisition of the sales organisations in Finland, Sweden and Denmark

Additional Information

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