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Tyre Killers – solid spikes with guaranteed stopping effect

PPG Tyre Killers are designed to destroy vehicles trying to forcibly enter any secured area.
If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tyres and axles will be destroyed.

The Tyre Killer and the modular Tyre Killer SHARK offer a high degree of protection against unauthorised entry or exit of hostile motor vehicles. If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tyres and/or axles will be destroyed depending on the model.

Further progress will certainly be prevented. Perimeter Protection Groups’ Tyre Killers can be used individually or in combination with other products to form a sluice for vehicles. The solid sharp spikes are clearly visible thanks to garish warning colours thus ensuring the stopping of approaching vehicles in good time.


The spikes will raise and block the road with a height of 215 – 450 mm, depending on the model. In lowered position our Tyre Killers are completely unobtrusive, parallel to the road. They can support wheeled vehicles with a load bearing capacity up to bridge class SLW 60.

The “plug and play” Tyre Killers are characterised by a shallow installation depth. This makes it particularly suitable for locations with limited available depth due to underground utilities.

Tyre Killer 
Blocking height450 mm
Blocking width2000 mm - 6000 mm
Operating timeRaising: approx. 2 sec., lowering: approx. 2 sec.
Drive unitInstalled in seperate drive cabinet
Installation depth900 mm
Tyre Killer SHARK 
Blocking height215 mm
Blocking width2000 mm to 6000 mm in 500 mm increments
Operating timeRaising: < 1 sec., lowering: <1 sec.
Drive unitInstalled on left or right viewed from the outside
Installation depth490 mm incl. 190 mm for drainage pipes


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