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Speed gates – elegant high-speed access

Such as tripods, speed gates are a useful support for your man guarding. With the use of modern sensors, a mechanical constriction of the passageway is no longer necessary.

Werra Entrance Control has two speed gates, Speedsec BP and SpeedSec FP. They’re based on glass sliding panels that allow authorised access by lateral insertion of the glass panes into the housing. Depending on the model and requirements, mid-height or full height panels are available. The sleek SlimSec is based on glass swing panels that open in each direction of passage. In case of panic or power failure, the opening panes optionally free the walkway as a support to official escape. Wide passageways suitable for disabled passage e.g. with wheelchairs are available as an option.
Sensors monitor unauthorised use and start alarms in the event of an unauthorised passage. After legitimation using an electronic access control device, the passage is completely released. Integrated pictograms ensure intuitive use. The units form effective optical barriers with attractive appearance. High quality materials such as stainless steel, glass, wood, granite or marble emphasize the design factor. Our speed gates fit elegantly in any interior area and are quickly accepted as part of the aesthetic furnishing in sophisticated entrances.
Indoor use
Integrated pictograms for an intuitive use
Support to existing official escape

Stylish look thanks to high-quality materials

Engraving in the glass panes
Compatible with all standard access control devices
Trolley recognition
Disabled passage e.g. with wheelchairs due to wide walkways
Panic function


  • Installation of card readers
  • Trolley recognition
  • Panic function
  • Various heights of the glass sheets
  • Narrow and wide passageways
  • Linkable software control

SpeedSec BP

  • Installation of card readers
  • Connection fire alarm system (FAS)
  • Interfaces RS 485 and RS 232
  • Alarm sensor
  • Coin acceptor

SpeedSec FP

  • Installation of card readers
  • Connection fire alarm system (FAS)
  • Interfaces RS 485 and RS 232
  • Alarm sensor
  • Coin acceptor

Outstanding performance


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