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Mechanical barrier – anti-climbing devices and more

Mechanical barriers protect object boundaries and property furnishings. These include fences, or expanded metal fences, over climbing protection with S-wire, barbed wire, bends and more.

Combined with technically advanced electric detection systems and access control products, mechanical systems form integrated, sprawling security concepts. We have everything from fences, gates and turnstiles to detection systems, video surveillance and lighting to alarm management systems!

The expanded metal fence is ideally suited for areas with high security requirements such as prisons. Particularly solid and with its imposing height of up to five meters, it ensures reliable protection against cutting and climbing.

By integration into the subsoil crawling under is prevented. Ideal for an upgrade of existing fences are barbed wire or the razor-like S-wire. Solutions against over climbing of wall copings complete the offer.

All mechanical barriers are characterised by their variable mounting options and individual construction possibilities. Further customised versions or extensions are possible, such as over climbing protection for gates etc. that fit the fence. Reliable perimeter protection with PPG products – certainly give more security!


Barbed wire
Expanded metal

Special security fence for prisons

Over climbing protection for wall copings

Fence-matching solutions for gates and turnstiles


We offer a range of customer services tailored to your needs. Our team is specialised in mechanics, electronics and hydraulics as well as skilled in modern technology and tools applicable to our products.

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