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Fence detection systems – increase the protection level of your fence system

Theft, vandalism or sabotage are constantly increasing. Therefore, perimeter protection is becoming increasingly important in almost all areas! A fence alone is not enough as it can be overcome in a worst case scenario. Therefore, our offer includes modern systems for reliable fence detection.

Medusa - highest insensitivity against environmental influences

With only three main components such as a fence, a sensor wire and an evaluator, Medusa offers an extremely discreet and reliable detection.

Closed circuit fence detection systems, such as Medusa manage to deter and detect intruders efficiently. In a closed-circuit monitoring, currents of a circuit are measured constantly. The corresponding system is located within a fence structure. Unauthorised opening leads to a disconnection of the conductive sensor wires and triggers an alarm.

Detection with Medusa is nearly invisible due to its hidden and therefore tamper proof sensor wire. It can for example be installed directly in the tubes of welded mesh mats. Thus, the system is virtually free of unrequested/spurious alarms. Medusa can be integrated or mounted in almost all fence types and additionally secures gates and wall copings as well.

Environmental stress has no effect on the detection reliability. Moreover, with Medusa over climbing can non-destructively be monitored by means of a kinking deflector. In general, typical types of attacks, such as climbing over, cutting or breaking as well as dismantling can be reliably detected.

With only three main components, a fence, sensor wire and evaluator, Medusa offers an extremely discreet and reliable detection. Due to its features, Medusa is particularly suitable for securing businesses but also sophisticated private objects. This is because it remains consistently armed 24h/day – regardless of operating and with virtually no false alarms!

Invisible detection

Non-destructive kinking securing against climbing

Tamper proof, alarm when cutting

No spurious alarms

Three main components: Fence, Integrated sensor wire (closed circuit protection), Evaluator

Microphone cable system MicSec

The passive detection systems MicSec CPS Plus reliably detects interference around the detected object and offers ideal protection.
Therefore, a sensitive wire is mounted on the detected perimeter, e.g. a fence system.

Unauthorised entry undertaken by cutting, breaking through, climbing over, lifting or crawling under create vibrations. The vibrations are detected by the monitoring wire and then transformed into electric signals. These signals arrive at the evaluation unit where they are analysed.

When the pre-set reference value is exceeded, an alarm is triggered. MicSec can be mounted onto many types of fence fabrics, e.g. welded mesh or chain-link etc. Existing fences can easily be upgraded. MicSec CPS Plus can also be integrated in walls or ceilings, depending on the requirements.

Prerequisite for a reliable detection is maximum contact between cable and monitored perimeter. A regular (annual) maintenance and tensioning of the pre-stressing wires of chain-link fences is recommended. Fouling by shrubs or trees should be avoided, as these can produce vibrations, which could lead to unrequested alarms.

Monitoring of doors or gates is possible as well. These should be installed and then parameterised as separate zones due to their different oscillating behaviour.

Sensitive microphone cable system

Optimal detection of structure-born sound

Indoor or outdoor application

Stand-alone or central system structure

Detection in real-time

Up to 300 m cable can be monitored per zone

Pre-alarm, alarm, fault and sabotage can be displayed per zone

High voltage system PowerSec

A detection with active energy-wire systems, such as PowerSec is based on deterrent but harmless energy pulses.
The pulses are released upon contact with the wires.

For those looking to reduce risk PowerSec can be fitted to existing fences. Thanks to its restricted maximum energy of 5 joules there is no health risk for humans! Outsmarting the system is extremely difficult for the intruder:

As soon as two wires touch each other, in case of short circuit or a broken wire, the alarm will start. PowerSec is an excellent addition to fences, walls or other detection systems.

Basically, this system is mostly used as a climbing protection, but with reporting capabilities. Unintentional touching is prevented by installing it behind the actual fence and beyond an arms’ reach. The wires are fixed horizontally at a spacing of about 100 mm by an additional bar on fence posts.

Due to low voltage, there is no health risk for humans, but people with pacemakers or children should avoid contact wherever possible.

Wires with energy pulses

Visually strong deterrent but not dangerous, due to risk-free power surges

Reliable protection against almost every type of attacks

Tamper proof, alarm when cutting and when short circuit, caused by touch of two wires

Approved to the European standard IEC 1011


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