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EntraQuick II Mobile
Proven reliability for mobile use

The new PPG EntraQuick II Mobile combines flexibility and well-known reliability.

With our new EntraQuick II Mobile you can secure temporary construction sites and access roads.
It is easy to assemble on site and a stability test under wind load confirms its reliability.

At the end of the operating period of the mobile version, you have the choice: either you install the existing EntraQuick permanently on a foundation or you use it for your next mobile application and remain flexible. Optional accessories such as signal devices and access control systems are available.


  • Temporary replacement for damaged door systems
  • Flexible use on the construction site
  • Existing gate systems can be extended modularly
    (e.g. for airlocks)
  • Protection against unauthorised entry or passage
  • Securing road construction to protect building
    materials and machines against theft
  • Ideal for events and other activities

Outstanding performance


We offer a range of customer services tailored to your needs. Our team is specialised in mechanics, electronics and hydraulics as well as skilled in modern technology and tools applicable to our products.

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