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Boom Barriers – reliable traffic regulation

The boom barriers consist of a robust steel construction and is designed for continuous use. Several versions are available such as hydraulic- electromechanical and manual boom barriers. One of the distinguishing features is their simplicity of installation.
The optional electromechanical or hand-operated boom barriers allow individual passage of vehicles as well as an efficient access regulation. Our offer includes both hand- and power-operated models depending on the area of application. Our motorised barriers are especially constructed for continuous use and designed to master high transit frequencies easily. The aluminium booms with white coating and red warning strip even secure wide driveways reliably thanks to variable boom lengths.
Our hand-operated barriers are mainly suited for low-traffic volumes and can optionally be secured with a supporting strut if necessary. The convenient modular system ensures a quick and easy installation and makes the barrier extremely low-maintenance. All barriers feature a robust, durable steel support structure.

Electromechanical Boom Barriers Type GES 2-8

  • Robust steel construction with modular structure
  • Stainless steel barrier housing
  • For large and small gateways
  • Automatic controls
  • Day and night operations
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Special versions on request
  • Easily combined with our sliding gates

Hand-operated Boom Barriers Type GHS 2-8

  • No electrical connections required
  • Pole stand made of steel with base plate and bore holes for compound anchors
  • Boom powder coated with red reflecting warning tape
  • Locking with lockable profile cylinder or triangular key
  • Adjustable raising and lowering speed as well as damping in final positions
  • Mechanical limit stops and electrical switch off for final positions

Outstanding performance

Blocking width Type GES 2-8
GES-2 up to 2000 mm
GES-3 up to 3000 mm
GES-4 up to 4000 mm
GES-5 up to 5000 mm
GES-6 up to 6000 mm
GES-7 up to 7000 mm
GES-8 up to 8000 mm
Blocking width Type GHS 2-8
GHS-2 up to 2000 mm
GHS-3 up to 3000 mm
GHS-4 up to 4000 mm
GHS-5 up to 5000 mm
GHS-6 up to 6000 mm
GHS-7 up to 7000 mm
GHS-8 up to 8000 mm

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