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Outdoor monitoring

Outdoor monitoring and fence detection – no chance for theft, vandalism or sabotage

To guarantee a high level of protection, various measures need to be combined. Therefore, Perimeter Protection Group offers different systems for sprawling outdoor monitoring, ground detection, fence detection. Furthermore, the portfolio includes mechanical barriers, like bends, barbed wire and more. All components must be implemented in a complex manner to meet this demanding requirement. In conclusion, the intelligent combination of several products is essential to ensure both; holistic and effective outdoor monitoring. Theft, vandalism or sabotage are constantly increasing.

Therefore, Perimeter security is no longer only an issue for military facilities, government departments, airports or other sensitive areas. In addition, also trade, industry, logistics and the transport sector are affected. Thus, carpools, machinery, goods and raw materials such as steel and aluminium plants are becoming more of a target focus for offenders. Because of a significant value increase. Due to this reasons, outdoor monitoring and fence detection are becoming increasingly important in almost all areas! Especially a fence alone is no longer enough as it can be overcome by cutting, over-climbing or crawling under.