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Service & Training

Comprehensive service working closely with our customers

We offer service for perimeter protection products tailored to individual customer needs. And we place particular focus on a smooth process from the very start. To meet all customers’ demands, we have a well-trained team. They are specialists in the areas of mechanics, electronics and hydraulics as well as skilled in modern planning technology.

Installation and maintenance are carried out by our experienced and intensively trained local partners. In special situations, we are also able to provide additional worldwide supervision and support through our pool of ‘flying technician’.

Our customer service at a glance

Guarantee through service contracts

Short lead-times

Extensive customer service

Inspection and maintenance according to DIN EN 12445

Service Inquiry

Great service around the globe 24/7/365 on request.
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Flying Technician

With our pool of flying technicians, we offer maintenance, supervising of installation and site acceptance tests for a prolonged guarantee. All over the world.

Contact us. Our ‘flying technician’ will be happy to support you.

Adrian Clapham
Key Account Manager

Mobile: +44(0)7581 423344

Training and exhibition centres

Professional training in own international training centres

We don’t just offer service for perimeter protection products to our customers. At PPG, we believe in expertise throughout professional education. Therefore, PPG offers its national and international customers, partners and distributors training under modern conditions in our own training and exhibition centres in Germany and Denmark.

The approximately 550 m² German training centre is located near PPG´s factory in Salzkotten. The Danish training centre is in Roskilde, Denmark, only 25 minutes from Copenhagen and the airport. Both centres include an exhibition area for the product portfolio, which includes among others sliding gates, quick folding gates, fence and our internationally certified High Security products.

Here we train hands on with installed and operational product. Furthermore, there are separate training or conference rooms where theoretical knowledge is provided.
PPG employees also benefit from the training centres as we have all our products as well as modern premises for the theoretical instruction in one central place, which facilitates the technical training of our own service staff.

Thus, today PPG is flexible and can train at a very professional level in all areas. The centres are not just for training or presentation purposes. At regular intervals, events such as in-house exhibitions, specialist seminars or lectures are organised there.

Our training centers


Roskilde, Denmark

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Contact christian.oxdorf@wegoperimeter.dk


Salzkotten, Germany

Security World

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