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New EntraSteel® steel sliding gate

New EntraSteel® steel sliding gate – PPG is excited to present the new and revolutionary cantilevered steel sliding gate EntraSteel® which underlines our commitment to customer-focused innovation, continuous product improvement and functional excellence.

The cantilevered steel sliding gate EntraSteel® is based on 50+ years of experience in designing and producing long-lasting, low-maintenance sliding gates paired with modern design and manufacturing technologies. The modular concept of the gate enables us to offer a wide range of versions of a basic or extended gate model which can be individualised as per customer-specific requirements and applications.

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New product option for removable bollard M30 and M50

Faced with the recurrent threat of vehicular attacks municipal governments are increasingly forced to implement defensive measures to effectively secure public places and deliver peace of mind to their community. Since our bollards are the ideal solution to successfully protect any kind of access point against such horrific attacks with the possibility of temporary or regular entry depending on the selected type of bollard we relentlessly strive to enhance our bollard portfolio enabling us to provide holistic product offerings for our customers. We are therefore pleased to introduce our new optional height compensation for removable bollards M30 and M50.

Our removable bollard consists of a concreted-in base support and a detachable blocking element. The blocking element is fastened to the base support by means of fastening screws at the foundation level. For this reason, the bollard must be installed with a circular area around its blocking element which is to be filled with removable material such as sand, gravel or pavement stones (instead of finished floor level material such as bitumen) to permit access to the fastening screws for the removal of blocking element.

The employment of the new height compensation facilitates quick, unobstructed and clean access to the fastening screws through removal of its cover plates. The cover plates are mounted to the height compensation using theft resistant screws to prevent unauthorised tampering with the bollard.

Once the blocking element has been removed the height compensation can be fitted with an optional blind plate providing complete coverage of all components at finished floor level for unhindered passage of pedestrians, bicycles as well as vehicles.

Removable bollards are ideally suited for blocking the perimeter and/or roadway(s) of public places to counter hostile vehicular intrusion attempts for the duration of special events attracting large crowds. After the mass event the blocking elements can be removed and stored away until they are needed again.

As usual please do not hesitate to contact our Product Manager if you have further questions or comments.

PPG Success story – Finavia relies on EntraQuick® gates from PPG at Helsinki Airport

Read more about PPGs latest successful project, which we implemented at Helsinki Airport in Finland for the designated airport operator Finavia. The Finnish Airport operator, is a public limited company owned fully by the Finnish government and responsible for operating 21 airports in Finland. Customers are airlines, other operators in the sector as well as passengers.

Our customers benefit from our long-term experience in airport protection all over the world and our certified product range. There are so-called taxi gates with large opening widths for the convenient passage of airbuses, type-tested quick folding gates, fence and more.

In addition, our products are particularly well suited for connection to integrated central-control-platforms due to their high compatibility. We have the products and the solutions  for airport protection.

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Anniversary at PPG – five years international partnership

End of February, the Perimeter Protection Group invited its international distributors to its first Distributor Meeting in 2018, marking the event’s fifth anniversary. Nearly 50 partners from 18 countries gathered at Security World, the company’s in-house training and exhibition center, which is located close to the German factory. Here PPG trains hands on with installed and operational product. Furthermore, there are separate training or conference rooms where theoretical knowledge is provided. The centre is not just for training or presentation purposes. At regular intervals, events such as in-house exhibitions, specialist seminars or lectures are organised there. Another PPG training center is located in Roskilde, Denmark, just 25 minutes from Copenhagen or the airport.

On the agenda were not only the presentation of new products, individual trainings directly on the products but also interesting presentations of projects that PPG implements together with its partners around the world. A special highlight, however, was the visit by Mr. David Pratt, former Minister of National Defence of Canada, who gave a rousing speech on global security. Thorsten Grunwald, Managing Director / COO and patron of the event, summarises: “It was a great honour for us to win Mr. David Pratt for our Meeting and we were delighted with his interesting remarks and approaches to global change in our industry.”

He adds: “Good, direct communication with your partners and customers is one of the most important keys to success. Our Distributor Meeting builds a professional, popular platform for this. This is also shown by the keen interest and the numerous, steadily increasing participation of our international partners. These appreciate, for example, the possibility of individual product training on installed products. Technical questions can be answered directly and clearly. New products can be presented directly live and in function and compared with those of other market entrants. In addition, we can define our wishes and goals in open dialogue with our partners, gain good insights into global markets and develop optimal joint strategies.”

Also, the partners of PPG are convinced by the concept. Troy Donnelly, Managing Director of EZI Security Systems from Australia confirms the benefits: “I do believe presenting products for your clients to come touch, look and feel the quality of equipment in the high security space like PPG offers in their training centres is imperative for the end users to be able to truly compare products. This definitely shows PPGs pride and commitment to their products.”

The event was rounded off by the prize-giving of the “Distributor of the Year Award”. PPG awards this prize for great performance of its partners. This year, Gunnebo Middle East took first place, closely followed by EZI Security Systems of Australia and Afsluitingen Noyez of Belgium, both in second place. And that was not all. After a joint American barbecue, the guests were surprised with a convivial Casino Night and ended the evening in a friendly atmosphere.

Tibor Kovács, Managing Director of the Hungarian company BLOCKER KFT. summarises: “The technical presentations, the latest trainings on international crash standards in the High Security area and the innovations of PPG are always interesting, stimulating and inspiring for me. I’m pretty sure that all the sales people from all over the world have taken a lot from this event and everyone involved would not have reached the same level they are at today without the continuous, professional training and support PPG offers. I also appreciated the nice dinner and the entertainment afterwards. All in all, an informative, unforgettable event! “


Perimeter Protection 2018

Exhibition review: PPG present anti-terror crash bollards and hits the nerves of a multitude of visitors

On Thursday, 18th January 2018, the fifth Perimeter Protection 2018 in Nuremberg, trade fair for security technology and perimeter protection, ended. Over three days, a total of 135 exhibitors, including 56 international, presented their innovations in the field of mechanical and electronic security solutions to more than 3.600 visitors. The portfolio of exhibitors included not only classic perimeter products but also electronic components such as surveillance cameras and biometric access controls. Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH (PPG), German subsidiary of the internationally operating Perimeter Protection Group, presented innovative crash bollards with impact load for preventive and effective protection of inner-city areas and public spaces. Kira Lichte, Marketing PPG, resumes: „We are very satisfied with the fair. Especially the high quality, but also the orientation of the numerous visitors at our booth shows us that our focus on High Security for public spaces is more relevant than ever.” Hansruedi Voß, PPG sales manager adds: “The demand is increasing rapidly and the trend is clearly moving away from the classic traffic bollard for simple traffic regulation, to crash bollards with impact protection, which is mandatory to be certified and proven.”

In addition to assembling companies from the fence-, gate- and metalworking sector, visitors to the Perimeter Protection 2018 increasingly included security officers from large industrial companies, local and long-distance transport, airports, energy, fire brigades, prisons, police and military, decision-makers from municipalities and public authorities as well as planners and architects. This is hardly surprising given the current security situation in Europe. PPG has hit the nerve of the target group with their solutions on show at the booth. Hansruedi Voß confirms: “In order to respond better to the rapidly increasing security needs of inner-city or highly frequented areas, such as stadiums, we have expanded our portfolio with cost-effective, decorative security bollards that have quickly become a crowd puller.” He adds: “These decorative bollards are extremely economical. If one of these bollards is damaged by slight collisions, for example during shunting, the stainless-steel shrouds can be easily replaced without renewing the concrete foundation. The main attraction is that the bollards can be optionally hidden in modern, high-quality street furniture, such as flower boxes or equipped with bike stands. This is a very important factor that must be taken into consideration when it comes to security concepts for public spaces, because these require subtle solutions that blend in with everyday life without attracting negative attention. “

The latest addition to the sliding gate product line with a new, type-tested steel sliding gate was also convincing. Like all our own PPG products, the new sliding gate is made in Germany and offers variable gate fillings, a high operating speed and radio-controlled safety contact strips! In addition, PPG offers one of the most modern and efficient controls in the market. Kira Lichte summarises: “The fair definitely was a success. We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our solutions and the professional conversations.”

New crash-test certification for fixed PPG bollard M50

PPG is pleased to announce that its fixed, shallow mounted M50 bollard which had (up until now) only been crash tested to ASTM F2656-07 resulting in an M50/P1 designation is now also available with PAS 68:2013 as well as IWA 14-1:2013 crash test certification following the successful arrest of a European flat bed truck N3/N3C travelling at 80 kph. This makes the fixed bollard M50 the fourth product from PPG’s comprehensive product range to bear a valid and genuine certification as per all three worldwide recognised crash test standards – i.e. ASTM F2656, PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 respectively. This furthermore increases the number of crash test certificates held by PPG to a staggering total of 28.

The crash test conditions for the fixed bollard remained unchanged in terms of installation details, i.e. the bollard was vehicle impact tested as triple unit with

– a centre distance of 1.5 m adhering to the 1.2 m maximum clear gap rule as stipulated by CPNI,
– a shallow, reinforced foundation of only 400 mm thickness and 2.5 by 4.5 m footprint and
– 100 mm road covering for customised road finish

The achieved performance classification of V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.4/15.4 and performance rating of V/7200[N3C]/80/90:0.8 are in line with the P1 penetration rating previously realised with the ASTM crash test. The slight increase in vehicle penetration comes as no surprise in view of the

– increased kinetic energy of the impacting truck due to the higher test vehicle weight and
– reduced “crush zone” in front of the vehicle datum point (i.e. the leading edge of the load platform) of the European truck compared to the American truck

For further information, watch the movie or get in touch with our sales department.

High Security in focus at Perimeter Protection 2018 in Nuremburg

At the Perimeter Protection 2018, international exhibition for perimeter protection, fencing and building security, which takes place from 16th – 18th January 2018 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH will be presenting its trend-setting product innovations for an effective outdoor protection. The focus is on certified High Security products such as crash bollards and gates.


PPG presents new, flexible bollard systems with particularly flat foundations

In order to respond better to the rapidly increasing security needs of inner-city areas or areas with high visitor flows such as football stadiums, PPG has expanded its portfolio with cost-effective, decorative crash bollards with particularly shallow foundations and presents them to visitors. CARSTOPPER 30, TRUCKSTOPPER 6-30 and TRUCKSTOPPER 7-40 are ideally suited for the protection of inner-city areas. Its slim design, combined with revolutionary spring-loaded technology and a shallow foundation depth of only 200mm reduces the need to re-divert utilities, making it predestined where space is limited.

The systems are the most economical on the market and very aesthetically pleasing. These bollards are compact and easy to install. Their system is designed to follow the contours of the ground and can go around corners. If the posts get damaged during an attack they can be removed from the slipper box and replaced without the need to replace the concrete foundation. Once fitted the only maintenance is to repaint when needed or the bollard can be covered with a mild or stainless-steel shroud. Furthermore, the bollards can be hidden in modern street furniture, for example bicycle racks, flower boxes and more.

Innovation in steel gates


One of the latest developments in the Access Control area, which PPG will have on show, is the latest expansion of their steel sliding gate product line that the company is manufacturing at its site in Germany. The new sliding gate convinces with a high operation speed, freedom from distortion due to minimised heat input in the manufacturing process, radio-controlled contact strips and variable gate infill! In addition, PPG offers one of the most modern and efficient controls on the market. Furthermore, PPG informs about its own coating process TRI-PROTECT®. As long-term load tests with approx. 2000 h in the salt spray mist without loss of the surface protection according to DIN 50021 clearly proves, that there is no infiltration of the coating with TRI-PROTECT®! Without maintenance, it can only lead to a standard-compliant formation of red rust. In this case, surface damage can be touched up without great effort to avoid this. Also in terms of environmental compatibility, the VOC-compliant, solvent-free application achieves plus points. Compared to competition, TRI-PROTECT® is the most ecological method because there is no use of zinc. In addition, the process convinces due to its lower energy requirements.

The PPG team looks forward to seeing you at their booth no. 416 in hall 12 and will be happy to provide you with a free visitor voucher in advance if you are interested.


PPG secures the Allianz Arena with crash bollards

The security requirements for public facilities are growing rapidly. This is especially true of prominent football stadiums, such as the Allianz Arena in Munich. High visitor numbers, worldwide media presence, but also stringent requirements for structural security require particularly effective, holistic perimeter protection concepts. The Allianz Arena offers a total of 75,000 seats at Bundesliga games. The outer protection of a stadium must be designed in such a way as to ensure a preventive securing, regulating and controlling of huge passenger and vehicle flows in and around the stadium. Among others, this is to avoid panic, turmoil or overfilling in the stadium and to ensure a quick and smooth evacuation, e.g. in case of fire. But threats are changing. Especially the ever more aggressive terrorism and attacks on people gathering with violently invading vehicles forming an additional central risk factor.

Therefore, in April this year, the Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH, the German subsidiary of the global acting Perimeter Protection Group (PPG) was commissioned by the Allianz Arena to implement the perimeter protection concept of the stadium. The aim was to secure the north and south side of the property effectively against terrorist attacks with vehicles such as trucks. The west and east sides are protected by a highway and buildings from such attacks. The whole project should be realized by the end of July. PPG has a good reputation due to former High Security projects, for example the Jewish Community in the centre of Munich. Together with the well-known Munich engineering office BPR Dr. Ing. Schäpertöns Consult GmbH & Co. KG, PPG implemented the solution consisting of a mix of 70 fixed and movable M30 crash bollards, which the company manufactures in Germany. The bollard systems certified as per international standards PAS 68, ASTM and IWA 14-1 stop vehicles with different impact velocities, according to their classification. Depending on the security requirements, Perimeter Protection Group offers different movable or fixed crash bollards. Pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. They come along with fast operating times and shallow foundations. Ready-to-install bollard units with separate control box allow quick and easy installation in all climate zones. Our crash bollards offer reliable operation and are of course low maintenance. When lowered, these can be easily driven over as per bridge class SLW 60, without hindering the operational necessary vehicle traffic, e.g. for service work. Nevertheless, they effectively block areas with longer access routes, even against heavy vehicles such as trucks, by lifting out of the ground in seconds in case of emergency.

Alfons Trapp, PPG Sales Bavaria, summarises: „Thanks to the professional cooperation of all involved, the project was completed smoothly and on time. The implemented solution is not only secure, but also visually emphasises the aesthetic character of this architectural masterpiece. “


Second PPG Distributor Meeting in 2017

From 25th – 26th September 2017, the second PPG Distributor Meeting was held in our training and exhibition centre Security World in Germany. Exchange, product news as well as interesting project-presentations from our global distributors made this event a great success. The agenda was rounded up by the launch of a new product range – the new PPG decorative crash bollards as street furniture. These PAS 68 certified bollards are ideally suited for the securing of inner city areas and public places, as they can be hidden in modern street furniture, such as bicycle racks or flower boxes.  As a little seasonal surprise, PPG organised a traditional ‘Oktoberfest’ dinner in the evening. During the second day, the Export Department offered training on demand hands-on installed product. Thanks to all our distributors, who came from all around the globe for their participation!