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Ground detection – invisible and tamper proof

Our ground detection Groundsec features two subterraneous ground detection systems to detect unauthorised access. As it is placed under ground it is completely invisible and very difficult to tamper with. It is easy to maintain and has a low rate of spurious alarms.

GroundSec can´t be detected by any instrument, such as metal detectors or alike. The seismic systems respond to impact noise and are completely insensitive to electromagnetic fields or interferences. If the secured zones are crossed, underground-pressure-sensitive sensor hoses detect pressure changes by their special liquid filling. A microprocessor-controlled signal processing with intelligent software evaluates all events. The type of alarms can also differ between pre-alarm, main alarm or technical alarm. Depending on the requirements a stand-alone or bus-compatible system structure is available. Perimeter Protections’ GroundSec consists of the passive ground detection systems GPS and PPS. They are laid underground and thus invisible or location-free systems, based on pressure-changes.

GPS allows detection per zone. PPS is an advancement of the GPS system that provides the ability to set zones by software and to locate events with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. Due to that, the system is very easily integrated with pivot-cameras or drone systems. Fixed cameras are also suitable for the combination with PPS due to their camera zone ranges of about 30-40 meters. GroundSec is easy to maintain since only the inflation pressure must be checked regularly. Therefore, there should be maintenance manholes where the hoses run through, which are included within the protected area.

Seismic ground detection systems

Systems can´t be seen and offer a high detection rate

Tamper proof

Follows every ground contour

Resistant to environmental influences

Stand-alone or BUS-compatible system structure

Easy to maintain

Low rate of spurious alarms


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